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High-protein, high-calorie, low-fat meals?

Hey folks. So I've recently been getting back into weight lifting, and I also started a new job that's pretty physically strenuous. And I also don't have a car, so I bike ~40-70 miles per week (depending on the week). I've started keeping a food journal, and I've noticed that I have a hard time eating more than 12-1300 calories a day (probs not enough, right?), and, while my diet seems to be pretty balanced with carbs and fats, my protein intake is definitely not as high as it needs to be considering my lifestyle and the fact that I'm trying to put on muscle.

I looked through the high protein tags, but all of the stuff I saw was about protein powders/bars (already drink a protein shake right after every workout, and sometimes add a second as a snack) or were just like "peanut/other nut butter(!!)," which is not really what I'm looking for since I want to keep my fat intake about where it is right now. I really don't want to eat tofu more than I already do, and it's not particularly high-cal anyway. So, vegans, any suggestions?

For reference, a typical day right now looks something like:
Breakfast- granola w/ dried fruit and nuts, some peanut butter or protein powder mixed in with the "milk"
Snack- fruit, or a handful of baby carrots, or sometimes crackers with hummus
Lunch- usually a sandwich of some sort, sometimes just with veggies, sometimes with meat subs (tofurky), sometimes a black bean burger, you get the idea
Post-workout snack- protein shake (soy milk, chocolate protein powder, banana, 2 tbsp. peanut butter)
Dinner- tofu + veggies and a side. example: breaded baked tofu over spinach salad with a side of potatoes, or tofu and broccoli over rice
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