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Slow cooker recipes/cookbooks

Hi all
I've just bought a slow cooker and I'm looking for recommendations for vegetarian/vegan slow cooker recipe books or recipes you
know are good. My local bookshops only have one or two relevant books (if that) and although I've had a look on Amazon, I'm finding it hard to
decide what would be good as a lot of the books have very contradictory reviews! A lot of the recipes I've found online are for things that can
be made really easily in a pan, so I don't really see the point of making them in a slow cooker (tomato pasta sauce in a slow cooker? Why?? Or am I missing something?). I guess really I'm looking for things where using a slow cooker makes it easier to prepare them, I'm not just going to use it for the sake of it. I'm a pretty experienced cook and make a lot of different types of food, and I love trying new things. Some of the book reviews on Amazon say that the recipes are really aimed at complete beginners to cooking, so I'd probably want something that's a bit more advanced so I'm not making things that are really obvious. Hope someone can help!
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