hobochan (hobochan) wrote in vegancooking,

GF low-carb omnivores

I bring food over every other week to a friendly get together and need some ideas. The main people I was worried about recently changed their diet from virtually 'no-carb' to 'low-carb.' They won't eat grains (in part because they have to eat GF, so I use a lot of almond flour), one hates raisins and dates, and most everyone doesn't like spicy foods. They're also HUGE tofu-phobes. They still prefer to stay on a lower carbohydrate scale to the point that they don't really eat beans or potatoes. We pretty much do 'meal' foods and desserts more than light 'snackage.' On the weeks where it's their turn, they've already done almond flour-based pizza's, eggplant casserole, zucchini lasagna, BBQ, a mexican casserole... they always provide a like equivalent for my husband and I, even though they're omnivores. I would like to do the same, but I refuse to buy animal stuffs. I can cook at their place. Any ideas? I appreciate ANYTHING I can do. Thank you, everybody!

(I was almost thinking of using almond flour and breading slices of eggplant and using a filling to make a roll-up of sorts...?)
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