mountainmaiden (mountainmaiden) wrote in vegancooking,

Cream cheese substitute? (soy free)

Now that we are nearing the holiday season, I'd love to make some vegan cheesecake and vegan oreo truffles. I've made both in the past using Tofutti cream cheese. But this year I am breastfeeding and my baby is sensitive to soy, so I've had to cut that out. Is there any good soy-free vegan cream cheese? Or something I could make myself?

I've considered coconut milk for the oreo truffles (crushed oreos + cream cheese with chocolate coating). Maybe if I put the can in the refrigerator and then just used the thick part?

But somehow I don't think that would work for a cheesecake, for flavor or for consistency. Are there soy free vegan cheesecake recipes anywhere?

Tags: desserts-cheesecakes, substitutes-dairy-cream cheese
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