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matte/ like the paint

Veganising Breakfast Muffins

So I've seen breakfast muffins, where you pour egg into a cupcake tin, add toppings and bake for 30 minutes at 375 degrees, and I would really like to make something like it to grab and go in the morning. I was thinking for the egg base I might replace it with a vegan omelet recipe. I don't actually have the one I use with me at college unfortunately, but it's something like soy milk, nutritional yeast, flour, and baking powder in a quantity that makes something like a savory cakey pancake (not very egg/omelet like I know, but I tend to prefer my food to have a similar purpose but not actually remind me of non-vegan foods.) Or possibly do something with tofu? But I only have access to silken tofu and it's a bit of an expensive option for me.

Anyone got any thoughts? Will my omelet idea work, or has anyone else tried something similar that has worked well? Like I said not too fussed on replicating the eggy-ness of the muffins more the cook a batch, and take one or two each morning on the go.
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