Starr (cowprintavenger) wrote in vegancooking,

Butter substitute

I'm hoping someone in the UK can give me some advice on what is best to use when a recipe requires butter (specifically when baking cakes etc). Margarine is OK for some things but generally butter is used for a reason so margarine wouldn't work as well. I know in the USA there is a butter substitute made by a company called Earth Balance, but I can't find anything similar in the UK. I live in a large city with several well-stocked health food shops but none of them have been able to help. Does anyone know of a butter substitute that isn't just margarine that I could get here? I don't even mind if I have to order it online, I can always stock up and buy quite a lot in one go. Thanks for any help you can offer!
Tags: -location-uk, substitutes-dairy-butter
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