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low-fiber gluten-free diet suggestions

The only post under the relevant tag is 4 years old (here), so I was hoping to revive the subject because I could really use some advice.

My partner is a finicky omnivore with Crohn's disease. She has treatments that help manage symptoms, but at least two weeks out of every 6 are pretty miserable for her, and I'm trying to find foods that will be appealing to her and not aggravate her illness. Unfortunately, I've got celiac disease with an extreme sensitivity to gluten and a significant wheat allergy, so I can't even have gluten-containing products in the house. Whatever low-fiber options I make also have to be gluten-free.

I didn't realize that juicers would make juice while filtering out the fiber, so that's something I'd like to look into (is that true?), but we're in no position to buy a new appliance right now, and would love some suggestions that are less "gear-intensive." I have a food processor and a lousy blender, and a crockpot.

It seems like nuts and seeds are off-limits to most folks in this situation. Is nutbutter also off limits?

What's worked: brothy soups with a few corn, carrots, and potatoes and rice or rice pasta; seasoned rice (bouillon, tomatoes and/or paste, herbs and spices); baked potatoes; mashed potatoes; over-cooked stir fries with rice or rice noodles; rice pasta & tomato sauce; garlic toast with Food For Life gf bread; bbq tofu; frozen french fries and tater tots; tacos (with beans, soyrizo, light lettuce & tomato); corn chips; potato chips and sticks; cookies; ice cream.

What doesn't work: anything with a creamy texture or basis (even non-dairy cream or things that look creamy like cream of rice), no cheese subs, no gravies or sauces. She doesn't like peas, although she doesn't mind a few in soup now and then. No onions. Nothing difficult to chew.

She really liked things like Gimme Lean meatballs and Boca chicken patties, but there are no gluten-free meat subs like that, it seems like. There's soyrizo, which she likes, but it's so spicy and loses its novelty quickly that we only tend to have it about once every couple weeks.

Recipes and suggestions for baked goods are also welcome. I think some muffins, rolls, or breakfast bars might be super helpful, but I'm still learning to rock the gluten-free baking, and with my own disabilities I can't stand for hours on end trying to master the mini muffin. I don't bake nearly as much as I'd like. Most of the recipes I find also rely heavily on xanthan gum or some other gum, and we need to avoid gums if possible, and I haven't figured out a substitute or a work around. (I do have and use ground chia seeds with a lot of success. If you know if a ground chia for xanthan conversion, I'd sure be grateful.)

Thanks so much, vegan cooks. <3
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