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Vegan meals on the run

Hello vegan community!

First of all, thank you very much for existing! I've been watching this community for a while and have found it full of inspiration! I've recently become a vegan after dealing with dairy and egg intolerances and feeding a vegetarian for a while. I now call on this community to ask for some ideas:

What are some vegan meals that travel well?

I'm going on a snowboarding trip for 4 days and I know that I can't count on the ski chalet having vegan friendly food. While almond butter and jam sandwiches are delicous, I don't think I've like to have them for 8 meals in a row, so I'd like to find some ideas for meals that I can prepare ahead of time and that can survive without a being refrigerated for a day.

I have access to a fridge and kitchen for dinners, but nothing for lunch (which will be on the hill).

On top of my vegan diet, I also have a bunch food intolerance : tomatos, anything orange (long story), onions, cane sugar, grapes, peanuts and cashews as well as various other ones...

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