Blood, Putrefication, Vanity (tweedlezee) wrote in vegancooking,
Blood, Putrefication, Vanity

Gluten free and vegan cakes?

Hello all!
I was wondering if anyone has any tips and advice on baking vegan and gluten free..?
How would I make a vegan cake recipe gluten free for example? What do I have to take into account? I generally only baked from mix boxes since I worked out I can't have wheat or spelt gluten but I am very interested in seeing how to make totally gluten free cakes from scratch.

I am particularly interested in using coconut oil for baking as I always have a lot of it on hand.. has anyone got any tasty cake recipes that are vegan and gluten free and use coconut oil?
Tags: -allergies-gluten/wheat, -health-gluten free, desserts-cakes
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