Chukfi (serious_mccoy) wrote in vegancooking,


I got a few free packets of Vega (specifically: "Vega Sport Natural Plant-Based Performance Optimizer"). It was free, so, what the hell- I took it. I thought they were plain, so I could easily mix it in to whatever- unfortunately, it's lemon-lime flavored. I'm going to be honest: The very concept of a lemon-lime flavored powder kind of makes me feel ill. I do not like lemon-lime flavored things in general.

Still, it was free, and it's food (I think), and it's vegan, so I feel compelled to use it. Any ideas on how to make this palatable? Like, what ingredients to toss it in to a blender with? I need things flavorful enough to mask it, and of a consistency that works with it. Am I right in assuming it's going to be kinda frothy like a protein drink, or is it more of a water-like consistency? (No, I haven't tried any yet. I am bizarrely intimidated by these little packets.)

The other problem is that it contains ingredients that have caffeine, and I'm pretty sensitive to caffeine. Like, nothing-but-decaf sensitive. For those who have had this, how strong is it? I'm wondering if I should try mixing it in to things at half-strength or what, or just pass it on to someone else.

Thanks for any advice!
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