lorcas_novena (lorcas_novena) wrote in vegancooking,

Making Easter Presents

Hi guys!

I want to make my friend a food-based Easter gift. It would cost me a fortune to make a decent egg since on top of buying a lot of chocolate I'd have to buy stuff to decorate it. I made her the cashew cream truffles for Christmas so I'd prefer not to do that again, but it's a fall back option. I'd also like to go more adventurous than easter nest cakes. I'll probably avoid simnel cake too because she's not made keen on nuts.

Has anyone got any ideas? Any chocolates, cupcakes, cake pops, florentines or any other sweet and chocolately gifts. Ester themes is a bonus but not a necessity.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: desserts-chocolates, holiday food-easter/ostara/zombie day
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