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a week of vegan cooking (mostly breakfast)

hey guys!

so, next week my family and i are going to cabo for a week. in addition to me, my brother, sister-in-law and niece are vegan and after an awful time of trying to find vegan food on our last visit, they have hired me to be the vegan chef in our room. we will have a full kitchen, along with pots and pans, and costco will be our first stop to get groceries. i tend to cook a lot of stuff without recipes, and i generally never cook breakfast foods. i am just here looking for any tried and true (mostly breakfast) ideas that follow the stipulations below: (my niece is allergic)

*no potatoes (ugh, so hard!)
*no gluten
*no nutritional yeast

seriously! i can cook the above for the rest, but i want to have great things to offer my (still breastfeeding) sis-n-law and niece.

any ideas would be helpful and awesome! thanks!
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