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I can't get ready made seitan but I can get vital wheat gluten to make my own so I'm not really sure how it's meant to be- I've never ate meat either if that's what the texture is meant to be like. But mine's is always like eating chewing gum. It's really chewy and hard work. Is that right? or am I doing something a bit wrong? 

I use the 1.25c VWG, 0.5c beans then steam. I've tried boiling and using TVP instead of beans too. I like the protein content s want to be able to eat it but so far my only success is adding a few spoonfuls to bean burgers which is fine but I'd prefer to be able to eat it on it's own. I've never kneaded it or rested it so could that be my problem? 

VWG is hard to get here so I'd appreciate tips to save me wasting more making horrible sausages.
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