pretend_mulling (pretend_mulling) wrote in vegancooking,

Making Seitan in a Slow-Cooker: Good Idea or Bad?

I ask because I have a small, 2-qt slow-cooker, a lot of vital wheat gluten, and a metric ton of homework (yay, last two and a half weeks of the semester! /sarcasm), so I really only have about thirty minutes in which to mix up the seitan and cook it. I've used my slow-cooker to make other meals, usually chili or soups, and I usually have a problem with getting my seitan tender enough to eat without hurting my jaw. I'm wondering if slow-cooking wouldn't help remedy that. (Though, to be fair to myself, the last batch of seitan I made was delicious and not overly chewy.) So what do you say?

If it helps at all, the recipes I use are the ones from Veganomicon and Appetite for Reduction.
Tags: -appliances-crockpot, seitan, techniques-seitan
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