harvestl (harvestl) wrote in vegancooking,

Ideas for a dinner party

I am hoping to host a dinner party this summer, and I want it to be very fancy schmancy. Everyone dressed to the nines, possibly with a murder mystery going on as well. So I want only finger foods, and ones that can possibly serve quite a few people.

Here are my ideas so far:
phyllo pies of some sort
vegan mini quiches (is that possible?)
spring rolls (are they fancy enough?)
flatbreads of some sort, with different toppings
savory tarts
raspberry chocolate mousse

So I clearly need more ideas, and actual recipes. I am good at making comfort foods, but I am terrible with fancy foods, and finger foods just completely bewilder me. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, especially if they can be prepared a day in advance or so, so that I can just put together a few things the day of and not be completely frazzled as the guests arrive!
Tags: fancy schmancy
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