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Romance Novel Themed Party!

I am here yet again to ask for help in party planning. One day these parties will actually happen and I can post all the pics!

This time around, I am throwing a surprise birthday party for a friend. She's uber into romance novels. Not the Fabio sort, but more historical romance. However, she just read 50 Shades of Grey, so we want to go all out for her. Her birthday cake (if I can actually get it to work) will be a lovely "lacy" blue bra (it's from the book).

What actual food can I make though? Penis pasta would work, and I could make a regular marinara sauce, but I would have to order the pasta from somewhere and that could get messy. Finger foods would be better. Sausage rolls? What are some good recipes for vegan sausage rolls that aren't a nightmare to make? Nowhere around me sells any little vegan sausages for anywhere near a reasonable price. What other options are there?

If you have any decorating or game ideas, that would be very lovely as well! Thanks so much! The party planning for the murder mystery fancy dress party is still under way. It's been a lovely distraction from that pesky, depressing little dissertation I'm supposed to be writing.
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