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spring rolls?

I'm going to a party and thought I'd bring spring rolls since they're fancy looking and I imagine spring rolls are a food everyone likes.

The trouble is, I've never made them.  It seems all the recipes I see use very thin rice paper to make them, like a Vietnamese spring roll, though the Thai restaurant by my work (where I eat spring rolls every week) makes them with a thicker rice paper of some kind.  I asked the owner and she wasn't super helpful- she said there were two kinds of rice paper, and they used the thicker version, not the thin ones like are used for Vietnamese style ones.  She also said the very thin rice paper was very hard to work with because it easily turnes to mush.

There's an Asian grocery not very far from me, so I may have to go there, but when I went to Meijer today they had "egg roll wrappers" which looked thicker.  Does anyone know (or imagine) that those are the thicker rice papers the Thai restaurant owner was telling me about?  Can egg roll wrappers be served uncooked?  The thinner papers need to be soaked before using, but would a thicker paper, or would it just need to be dampened?

Also, when you've made spring rolls, if you add tofu how do you prepare it first?  I was thinking of just sauteeing it in some oil, but maybe I should marinate it instead- any suggestions?

Any suggestions on how to keep them in good shape until the party?  I was going to make them a few hours before I have to leave, and I know spring rolls and their wrappers are delicate and don't really store well.  I was thinking of cutting them up and having them on a serving tray like this and then refrigerating them until it's time to go.  Do you think that will help prevent them getting sticky?

Thanks so much!
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