mutated_queer (mutated_queer) wrote in vegancooking,

VWG Recipes

After lots of different attempts and tracking done some pre-made I've concluded I really don't like seitan. I'm a life long veggie so I guess the texture isn't in my range of 'this is food' textures. But I do like the nutrition of VWG since it's easy protien and I eat a high protien diet

I've turned some lentil balls off of post punk kitchen into burgers. I like them fine and have tweak them about with different beans and flavorings. But I need some new ideas and I've not found anything from my usual places. So I'm looking for recipes that use VWG, the more the better, but without ending up with a too seitan-y texture. 

Thanks in advance for anyoen who gives suggestions
Tags: seitan
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