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Quest for the perfect ravioli

For the past few years I've been searching for a good ravioli recipe. It was one of my favourite meals as a child and I often get a major craving for it, try a recipe, get disillusioned by it's failure and no longer crave ravioli until wham ravioli craving. So far I've only tried a basic flour, water, salt recipe for the pasta dough, and I've done various ground seitan, lentil, and mashed potato/sweet potato fillings. All the fillings have been quite good, and the pasta has been occasionally good, but mostly ranging from okay to ugh. It can often be a bit too tough, especially if I haven't rolled it out thinly enough (I have weak joints and find rolling dough out tricky, I should probably admit my inability to make ravioli at this point, but I refuse to let this beat me).

I'm thinking of trying a semolina flour, flour, water dough recipe, and I'm wondering if this might help with the pasta problems? Obviously I'd still need to roll it out properly, but would it make a nicer, better pasta in general? If not, what might?

Also I'm looking for a 'cheese' type filling. But here's the catch, it has to contain only easily accessible ingredients and no brought vegan solid cheeses; I have no problem with vegan cream cheeses and I do have nutritional flakes though. I'm not too concerned with it having a cheesy taste, just a nice creamy cheesy style base which I could herb up to my tastes. As an example, when I make lasagne I do so with a plain white sauce with herbs thrown in for flavour. I'm wondering if a sauce that was a thickened vegan cream cheese would work? I want something that is a bit thicker than a runny sauce, akin to the consistency achieved by the ground seitan/lentils/mashed potato.

I'll probably have an experiment and see what works while I'm on break from uni, but I'm wondering if anyone has any pointers already. No point trying to reinvent the wheel.
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