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Dining in NYC: Caravan of Dreams

Hi friends!

Rather than a recipe today, I bring you a review of one of my favorite NYC restaurants. There is a bit of copy paste from my food blog so please don't mind that :]

I begin today with Caravan of Dreams. I have always been a big fan of this place due to their lovely atmosphere and tasty food. Though they can get a bit pricy (especially at dinner time) the quality of their food is truly worth it. I always feel really good when I eat there, as their food is always super fresh and healthy.

My favorite part of Caravan of Dreams though is Brunch. They have a wonderful Pre-Fixe brunch option 7 days a week (before 5pm) of 15 dollars per person. Now this includes a coffee or tea, orange juice, sangria or virgin sangria, a house salad and one brunch item. Really a great deal! Considering their brunch items are about 12-13 dollars a la carte, the pre fixe is too good to pass up!

They have several different options for their brunch items such as pancakes, breakfast burrito, tofu omelet , tofu scramble, ect. Forrest, my boyfriend, got the breakfast burrito and I got the tofu scramble option. (Though I had actually ordered the tofu omelet but the waiter must have misheard me and I didn't bother to bring it up. I didn't want it to go to waste or have to wait for a new order to be made, it was still a tasty option!)

We began our meal with some tea and virgin sangria which was absolutely lovely. They use a mixture of grape and cranberry juice and fill it with tart green apples and little blueberries. It is ridiculously refreshing with just the right combination of tartness and sweetness.

Next came our house salads which are quite simple but super tasty. The dressing really pulls it all together and it is a great way to start a late morning brunch.

Finally came the main course. The portion seemed slightly small for the breakfast burrito (I feel that we had ordered it a few months ago and it was larger) but the flavor was great! I personally really enjoyed my tofu scramble as well. It wasn't quite a traditional tofu scramble but I truly liked the addition of carrots and cauliflower to the tofu. It was seasoned perfectly too.

We were pretty full by the end and thus skipped dessert but were overall quite satisfied. The service was very friendly but not overbearing. The only hiccup was the misunderstanding about which brunch item I wanted but I am sure if I had bothered to say anything I would have been accommodated right away.

Overall it was, as always, a pleasant experience and I highly recommend checking out Caravan of Dreams, especially for their brunch menu. Few vegan places have brunch all week long and this one is certainly worth trying.

More pictures at my blog:
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