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Zucchini Bake ideas

Due to friends, colleagues and a recent trip to the farmer's market, I have a fairly substantial zucchini that I'd like to turn into a casserole or bake of some kind. But I'm kind of directionless. (I blame my insomnia.)

And after a week of eating Mesir Wot, I'm kind of in the mood for something lighter but still satisfying.

In addition to this zucchini, I have plenty of garlic, onions, orange and purple carrots, beets, potatoes, roma tomatoes (maybe 4), broccoli and a healthy bunch of greens.

Protein-wise, I have dried cannellini and romano beans. Also, possibly dried chickpeas. I also have some dried green split peas and lentils. I may have a random can of beans (likely cannellini and/or chickpea).

I have a decent stock of spices, seeds and dried herbs. I also have some fresh basil. And fresh dill that I froze.

For grains, I have couscous, rice (basmati, jasmine and long grain), possibly some quinoa and barley. And polenta.

Other odds and ends: I have nutritional yeast, regular bread crumbs and panko bread crumbs. Maybe some tofu.

And I have lots and lots of olives.

Because of this relentless bout of insomnia, I can't seem to find inspiration in my ingredients. And I really want to make something wonderful, delicious, nutritious and light.
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