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Cream of Broccoli Soup

i posted several days ago, asking for suggestions for my silk coffee creamer, and so many people reccomended 'cream of ___" soup, AND since i've been getting sick...
well, it seemed like soup time to me...
i searched the internet and found a recipe for a cream of asparagas soup which looked AMAZING, and went dumpstering, recipe in hand. The dumpsters had no asparagus, but tons of broccoli. i can generally bring myself to purchase food if i have a specific recipe in mind, but I am broke, and cream of broccoli soup sounds just as good. So, i went fexible, using the asparagus recipe as a starting point.

I've never had a cream-of-anything soup since going vegan, and, damn, did it turn out good. I think it would work about the same with soymilk, and really reccomend you try it. I'm providing the recipe, along with general soup making tips i've learned from various cookbooks and years of experience

I chopped an onion into med-large sized pieces, and fried it for about fifteen minutes in about half a cup of seasame oil in a big ole pot until super soft and brown
(DID YOU KNOW: dark seasame oil tastes REALLY good combined with broccoli? Or how about that a lot of foods inhibit the softening of onions, and you should always fry them thoroughly for a soup BEFORE adding other ingreds (esp tomatoes!), or else you'll end up with hard hunks of onion, which sometimes float in the finished product?)
Then i added one massive garlic clove (2-3 reg. garlic clove size), finely chopped, and some dill cut with scissors.
(DID YOU KNOW: dill tastes REALLY good with broccoli too?)
After letting that sizzle for less than a minute, i put in a large spoonful of flour (1-2 TBS) to make a roux.
Immediately, I threw in chopped broccoli heads. Now, generally I would put in the stalks too, but i had dumpstered multiple bags of prechopped salad broccol, so i used what i had. I put in about a pound of broccli. Then I fried it all in the pot until the broccoli turned a stunnng shade of bright green
(DID YOU KNOW: it's really important to have fat in a soup -- oil, fake butter, etc -- for the flavors to hold onto, otherwise your soup won't taste as rich. If you're dieting for some unkown reason, you should still use at least a Tbs. of oil ias a base for your soup. It's also really important to fry all your "solids" just a little first to make the flavor WAY richer--it takes a little longer, but you can definately taste the difference.)
Once the broccoli was that shocking bright green, I put in four cups of water (i used a measuring cup, be impressed) and a bullion cube (i didnt have the time/effort/energy to make a real stock, but if you're really classy, put in premade or homemade broth instead).
Then i put the top on it, stired it about every ten minutes, and let it simmer for a little over half an hour. After the broccoli was thoroughly soggy, I pulled out the blender and began blending the soup in batches.
(DID YOU KNOW: when blending anything hot, don't put the top on the blender, thats a really bad idea. don't fill the blender too full either. Just drape a towel over the top of the blender. also, hit "pulse" a few times really quickly before blending, that will keep it from splattering for when you turn it on for real.)
Once it was thoroughly blended, i put in a cup of soy creamer, stirred it in. put a lil' sea salt and pepper on top.


it was daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn good.
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