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People keep asking what to do with squash and pumpkins. I bought about 10 last friday and plan on letting everyone know what i do with them as they go. Most will be baked and frozen until i am craving the squashy goodness.
So far I have done a few things though.

Baked squash and italian herb:
Bake squash at 375 for an hour, I usually put a little water in the center for the first half hour to keep it moist. I put some butter or margarine of your preference,garlic, and italian herbs (basil, oregano, parsley, thyme) in the center. Baked for last half hour, Cool a little and eat. You peel the skin off as you eat.

Baked squash with molasses:
Bake squash 375 for an hour. Again water in center to keep moist. After it cools a little skin it and place in a bowl with some margarine and a tablespoon of molasses. Great for a simple sweet dessert.

Squash stuffing:
I made white rice ( about 4 servings) I baked a whole squash like above. One half of it was used as a bowl. The i cut the other part of the squash and added it to the rice with trail mix, butter and some salt.

More after i bake more. I want to make some pie with squash and apple slices. Mmmmm
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