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Why do you choose to be vegan? (off topic and no recipe but thank you)

I'm only recently (about a year doing what I'm doing now, almost 2 for vegetarian) converted to a more healthful diet which eliminates meat and dairy but allows some things which are not always considered "vegan", and I often choose to say I am "vegan" to simplify matters when communicating with meat eaters, who often confuse "non-dairy" with "no cow milk" and serve things with butter on it and a tasty cheese side. I also read this group because it's easier to find recipes without all those things than to try to modify a non-vegan recipe.

But I'm a bit confused about what *EXACTLY* is vegan (sometimes I see honey restrictions, yeast restrictions, even wool restrictions??.....sometimes not....). As a correlary (and I think maybe this affects the types of restriction), I'm interested in why people chose to be vegan? Did you choose for health reasons? (that's me) Did you choose for biothermodynamic reasons? Did you choose because of animal rights issues? Or something else?

Just for the record, my health is really good right now, and I'm happy with my diet as it is, so I probably won't change it much, so I'm not looking to be sold on a reason, I'm just interested in what everyone else's motivations are.
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