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Vitamin B12

It is Bolthouse Farms, and they make a whole line of tasty and fresh juices, including one with green microorganisms (Green Goodness). I can't explain why, but I sometimes get cravings for bug juice. I think it might be a nutrient thing.

The protein drink I mentioned (Perfectly Protein) has something like 195% of your B12 daily requirement in a 1 cup serving (and a bottle contains twice that). (They supplement the bejezus out of it, appearantly.) It's a Vanilla Chai Latte Soy protein drink. (As far as I can tell from the label, it is "VEGAN," but feel free to check or

They had a "Introduce a New Product Line" thing at a store I shop at, and gave out a little booklet with recipes. They suggest this for the Perfectly Protein beverage (as if it needs improvement, very tasty all alone!)

2 c. BHF Perfectly Protein
3 c. Ice
2 medium bananas (cut into 1 in sections)
1 tsp. vanilla extract

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