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vote for my tofu

seriously, i've made the best tofu ever.  it's so freakin' good.  however, part of it's magic is from instant processed food. 

when I was growing up my mom used to make a London Broil that was so awesome.  She always made it with a marinade mix made by Mccormick where you add water, oil and vinegar.  the marinade is what made the dinner taste soooooo fuckin' good.  since i'm nearing the start of being over the hill, i figured that no way does Mccormick still make this mix after like 20+ years.  i visited a regular supermarket a few weeks ago, and though i would check the spice aisle just to be sure.  ahoy, what did i see?  the same exact packet.  oh boy!  i brought it  home, made some seitan and browned it good and doused it in the marinade.  it was really really good, but something about the seitan didn't quite cut it for me.  well last night i decided to try it with some browned tofu and it came out so great.  i  mixed up the marinade first.  i cut up some tofu into fingers and browned it with salt and pepper in a hot cast iron skillet with just a tad of oil.  i've found that tofu gets a nice brown skin much better if you don't use too much oil..if i use too much mine tends to steam instead.  once it was all chewy and browned on all sides, i tossed it into the marinade and threw it into the fridge.  the tofu sucked up every little bit of the marinade and is just as good as i ever remembered it being.  really, if you don't mind a little crap in your diet now and then, you should run out and buy some.

The ingredients list a natural flavoring agent.  I emailed Mccormick yesterday and was told that it contains no eggs, dairy or meat products.  Here's the list:  ONION, DEXTROSE, SPICES (INCLUDING MUSTARD FLOUR AND BLACK PEPPER), MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE (FLAVOR ENHANCER), SALT, GARLIC, MALTODEXTRIN, PAPRIKA, LEMON JUICE SOLIDS, NATURAL FLAVOR, AND BROMELAIN (TENDERIZER).

This is THE SECRET for those of you that want to like tofu but just need a little help.



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