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chikn kiev

i've been pondering the chikn kiev thing, and after reading this post from the other day. i was inspired to give it a try.

i made the chikn base with raw gluten. i added some salt, onion powder, garlic powder and nutritional yeast to some instant vital wheat gluten. for the liquid i used some soymilk mixed with a bit of olive oil.

for the herbed butter squares, i mixed fresh chopped parsely, garlic and tarragon into softened earth balance. then i spread it out about 1/4" thick and refroze it on some tin foil.

working with the gluten was pretty tricky. it was really hard to stretch out, but scoring it with a sharp knift i managed to get it pretty thin. i put in a little pat of herbed butt'r and then foiled the gluten over it and fastened with a toothpick.

the gluten rolls were rolled in whole wheat pastry flour and then dunked in soymilk thickened with a bit of rice vinegar. then these were rolled in whole wheat bread crumbs and fried.

they came out looking great, but when we cut into them, the gluten in the middle was still raw. however, the little pocket of herbed butter, did work in the middle, so when you cut into the middle you get a nice juicy bit with fresh herbs and garlic.

i am baking the gluten off in the toaster oven, covered in tin foil, to try to get the gluten to cook through. my favorite vegan cookbook author, bryanna clark grogan, has some interesting ideas about meat analogs in her nonna's italian kitchen and chinese cookbooks. she mixes vital wheat gluten with tofu to get a texture that might be more manageable. i think i'm gonna write her and see what she says about this. i can upload pics if anyone is dying to see. oh yea, i made delicata squash to go along with it and added a little herbed butter to its middle before i baked it. it came out really dee lish.

EDITED: I hated the way it came out of the oven, way too rubbering. i will need to do some tweaking to get this right.

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