My foot, your throat. (myfoot_yrthroat) wrote in vegancooking,
My foot, your throat.

Choices, choices, choices...

My boyfriend's birthday is coming up and since I don't have much money, I was just going to make him a cake. I can' t decide what kind though. I think I've got it narrowed down to a rum cake, some kind of orange cake, or an espresso chocolate cake. This leads me to some other questions...
1) I'm having trouble finding a rum cake recipe, vegan or not, most that I've seen online call for a boxed mix. Does anyone have a vegan rum cake recipe? If not, I'll just dig through my cookbooks and veganize one.
2) For the orange cake... if I make a "wacky cake" sans the chocolate, would orange juice be acidic enough to make it rise without the vinegar? Would orange juice work at all, or should I go with orange flavoring (though I'd rather stick to more natural things, like zest and juice)?
3) The recipe I usually make is for espresso chocolate muffins, and they're hella good. I know that most quick breads can be made as cakes, drop biscuits, or muffins interchangeably, but how do I need to alter the recipe? More time in the oven or a higher temperature? Anyone know?

Sorry this is such a train wreck of questions, but if anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.

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