suz (susilou1) wrote in vegancooking,

freezing stuffed shells/lasagne; tip

back in my vegetarian days, I would make massive amounts of vegan lasagne and stuffed shells and freeze them. then when i wanted them, i'd just pull them out and bake it, covered at 350* for an hour, then ten to fifteen minutes uncovered.
Then I went vegan, and my stuffed shells/lasagne uses tofu in place of ricotta cheese. as we all know tofu changes texture in freezing. boo, hiss.
Several weeks ago, I made stuffed shells, but made it with a pounds worth of pasta. without thinking, as i surveyed the sheer number i made, i froze half of them. about a week later i realized, 'oh shit! they're gonna taste terrible"
Well, two nights ago, I was in a pinch for dinner, and finally sucked it up, pulled them out the feezer and baked them. i made some of the 'white melty cheeze' sauce that recipes abound for in this community (the one with oatmeal, tahini, etc blended then cooked until thick). when they came out the oven, i just put a little of the fresh "cheese" on top.... and....
you really couldnt tell a difference between it and the fresh ones.
so, yes you can freeze vegan stuffed shells and lasagne and the tofu does NOT become unbearable :-)

who woulda thunk?
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