suz (susilou1) wrote in vegancooking,

philly cheesesteak

i was at the natural food store and had a complete loss of sanity. i saw that toffutti now makes vegan 'meat' for philly cheesesteaks. i said budget, schmudg-it and bought it.
now i have it and am MOST excited. mmmm.

now, since i already halfway splurged, im willing to splurge all the way:
what sort of cheese should i use with it?

im thinking about the basic nut. yeast cheese, but i think theres got to be something better suited for cheesesteaks out there. i am willing to buy premade cheese, but would rather make it at home.

i've had it before at a vegan restarant (in philly) and i know they sell them at other vegan restaurants, does anygbody know what they use at those restaurants? any suggestions? what will make my vegan philly cheesesteak taste as good as it does in my head?
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