your friendly neighborhood supercarrot (supercarrot) wrote in vegancooking,
your friendly neighborhood supercarrot

a friendly reminder

greetings fellow foodies

over the past 2 days there has been an unusual amount of off topic posting. these posts simply do not belong here.

there are PLENTY of other vegan communities that would be more suitable. although i feel terrible about deleting an informative post, i will have to become more strict, or else we will collectively become stepped upon, and more and more off-topic posts will be posted, and this community will no longer be vegancooking. (think of this community as a huge interactive cookbook)

taken from the community's front page:
#5 finally, This is a community to trade vegan recipes, to ask about how to use different ingredients, and to ask about different vegan pre-packaged foods and appliances etc.
please don't post off-topic posts in this community. if your post has nothing to do with food, you will be warned and asked to edit your post with an lj-cut, and then if it is not cut within 2 hours of the warning, it will be deleted.
the members of vegancooking are most likely also members of veganism veganpeople or vegan_talk we don't need to see your post a third (or fourth) time. (in the case of crossposting, your entry will be deleted upon discovery)
here is a comprehensive list of many veg*n and veg*n related communities for you to peruse to see if your question would be more appropriate there.

i understand that you love this community (i love it too), and you want the members to be informed, but there IS a better place for these posts. just like many members of veganpeople(who have elected to not join vegancooking) don't really care to see cooking related posts in veganpeople, members of vegancooking(who have elected to not join veganpeople) don't really care to see political and other non-cooking/food related posts in vegancooking. please think ahead, and use your judgement with any posts you are making.

thank you very much guys.

p.s. does anyone want to archive our sundays? theartoflonging seems to have deleted her journal. (i will give susilou or vgnwtch priority if either of them want it, but if neither want it, i will need yet another volunteer.)
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