Whatever you want it to be, baby. (the_ridiculous) wrote in vegancooking,
Whatever you want it to be, baby.

Hi! First of all, I am new. :o)

Second of all, today is my sister's birthday and she has asked for vegan cookbooks (she just recently went vegetarian and is looking to go vegan, so I'm trying to help her out as much as possible). So far, I've decided on getting her The Voluptuous Vegan, Sinfully Vegan (desserts), and I want to give her a good ol' basic cookbook too. I know that there is a FAQ section solely based on cookbooks, but none of them really answered my question. The only vegan cookbook I own is How It All Vegan, which I've been pretty happy with, but I wish it had more selection. My question is: are How It All Vegan and The Garden of Vegan the best 'basic' vegan cookbooks, or are there some others out there that have more selection and are all around better? What is your favorite basic vegan cookbook (even if it is HIAV or TGOV, let me know!)

Thanks lovers.
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