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A time and food saver

Hi Folks-

I once purchased some frozen chopped onions, and I was thrilled at the convenience of being able to take them directly out of the freezer and cook, without having to spend time chopping and then subsequently dabbing my eyes for 30 minutes. (Though I find it interesting that the onion-cry phenonmenon has lessened for me since I've stopped eating junk, meat, and dairy, and made my diet more primarily whole foods and fruits and veggies.)

However I was disapointed in the lack of punch to them- they seemed to have lost something in factory processing. They were also significantly more expensive per amount than buying bulk onions. And, some of my cooking calls for onions in slivers instead of chopped. There was also exactly one flavor avalible. Blah white.

What I discovered is this: You can buy onions bulk, chop them up in whatever shape you like when you have free time (I sometimes chop while I'm watching a TV show relaxing), put them in a freezer-duty plastic bag, and freeze them. They come out just as fresh as they went in, they are ready to go, and you can do red onions, sweet vidalias, or plain ole yellows. It also works with chives. 1000% improvement over buying them pre-factory chopped and frozen.

As a correlary (the fruit saver part), I usually make bananna bread with my older banannas, but being the crazy student type I am, I don't always have time to do it when the banannas go bad. You can also put banannas into the freezer in a plastic bag. They come out even more mushified than when they went in- but that's what you need for bananna bread anyway. I've expanded this to other fruit items I didn't want to go bad as well- orange zest keeps excellent, and if you chop lemons and freeze them, they can be used in liu of an ice cube in any drink. Both chopped apples and chopped pears keep well too- if your intent is to put them into a bread when you are done.


Bread Base Recipe
(This was originally a bananna bread recipe)
2 1/2 c. flour
1 c. sugar
3 1/2 t. baking powder
1 t. salt
3 T. oil
3/4 c. vanilla soy milk
1 egg equivalent egg replacer (*
1 c. Fruit**

Mix all together, beat well, pour into bread pan.
Bake 350o 55-65 min.

*You can use 1 Tbsp flaxseeds/3 Tbsp water, let sit for a few minutes, substitue for egg in baking stuff (but the flax version will be chewier and have less volume.)
**I have substituted a number of things for the banannas-it calls for 2-4 banannas. So substitute an approximately equivalent amount of fruit- depending on how fruity you like it- and adjust the moisture just slightly (depending on fruit, it may be a bit dry).

Substitutions I like Include:
Cinnamon and apples (or apples and pears)- about 1-2 T of cinnamon
Clove and orange (though it came out TOO clovey, the basic combo was good- I intend to try only about 1 t. of clove next time)
Rasins (brown, golden, or fancy)

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