Bitchcake (pixxxie84) wrote in vegancooking,

Tofurky Question

I am the only vegan, or even vegetarian, in my family. My family (well, at least, my husband's side - the only side that matters anyway) is very vegetarian-friendly. But there's only so much they can do when it comes to knowing what I can and cannot eat - so I cook food for myself (and my husband, who usually also eats the veggie food) every Thanksgiving. I have never made any Tofurky, and was wondering if there are various sizes, and if so, what would be the right size for me? Mind you, I'm only cooking for 1-2 people, and will have sides, so I don't want to cook too much.

If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Tags: -product reviews-meat analogues, substitutes-meat-turkey
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