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pesto-esque penne

delicious and easy!

whole wheat penne [about 345g, i think it was, a small bag]
3 cloves garlic
2 small onions/1 large to medium large onion
1 bag spinach
~3/4 cup almonds, more or less
olive oil
fresh or dried basil [whatever you prefer, it works with both, and use however much you like]
bread crumbs/vegan parmesan

saute the onions and garlic in olive oil. then, add the almonds. stir them in, but don't burn them. you may want to turn the heat down so they don't get too cooked. i like them warmed through, and still raw on the inside. add the basil [if it's fresh, chop it up pretty fine, or you may want to throw it in a food precessor/blender with some olive oil]. add the spinach to the pan, and lightly cook it just so it wilts, but still retains a little crunch. finally, add the penne to the pan with the breadcrums [which you may or may not want to fry r toast a little before hand], which will act the part of parmesan. stir and salt to taste and add more oil if it needs it. enjoy =].
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