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pumpkin pie

Hi I"m new to this site. My name is Bella!! ANyways. I would like to make a vegan pumpkin pie to take to food not bombs with me but I have a can of "Easy pumpkin pie mix" It already has the spices in it. BUt it call for 2/3 cup evaporated milk and 2 large eggs. SHould I go ahead and use tofu as an egg substitute since you usually use tofu in a vegan pumpkin pie? Or should I use something else. And what should I use for a replacement for evaporated milk? I'm slow on ideas for that replacement. I don't know maybe I should just scrap this can of "EASY" pie mix and buy some regular unsweetened pumpkin. If anyone agrees with this please send your favorite pumpkin pie recipe!! I have perfected soy whipped cream. FOr the longest time I tried using my food processor or blender and it tasted fine but it was flat and runny. So I switched to a plain ol' whisk and ta da!!! Also I use the very vanilla brand silk soymilk that way the brown color of vanilla extract doesn't discolor the whipped cream. The longer you whisk the fluffier it gets...I was so excited!!!!
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