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so i had this brilliant plan... i would make a "steak" and potato dinner for my boyfriend... he eats meat so sometimes its difficult to get him to try the really strange stuff. so i figured hey, what kind of guy would pass up steak and potatos

so i bought two unsteaks, they looked kinda black in the package. but the way it was shown on the box it looked brown so i figured it would lighten when i cooked it.

the colour didn't really bother me, but the look of it did, to be honest it looked like a liver. it was jiggly and smooth, and still blackish....

all i have to say is, thank god i made potatos and peas because really that was the grossest thing, unturkey and unchicken and even the hip whip are so good, i figured the steak would be the same. but boy was i wrong.
so just a heads up to anyone that sees it sitting in whole foods or something like that. if your adventurous go for it, it probabley wouldn;t taste half bad cut up and mixed with something, but as a steak, where it all is visable and in one chunk to be eatten by itself, it is just well not that good
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