This is the girl who called up the rain. (pyralid) wrote in vegancooking,
This is the girl who called up the rain.


I had a brainstorm the other day.

My mother's classic stuffing recipe has never been good since it left the bird. Now, don't get me wrong; I didn't like the taste of turkey meat so well even when I was little. But the stuffing on it's own has never been right since. I can drown in vegetable broth and such to keep it moist, and it still won't come out the same.

This year, I'm going to cook it in a pumpkin. Natural juices, that warmer, more flavorful taste you get when it's been slow-cooked inside wrappings instead of on its own, the bonus of making two dishes at once, etc. Just thought I'd share, because I haven't heard of this being done before (although it probably has been and is just news to me).
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