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mushroom and garlic ravioli with spicy tomato sauce

I got a pasta machine for my birthday, so I've been playing!

This does take some time (mostly the pasta filling - I'm looking forward to my ravioli attachment that does it for me) but is worth it.

mushrooms - 10-12
garlic - 2,3,4....
black pepper - lots, freshly ground

- whizz the above in a food processor to a fine, but not slimy, consistency
- heat over a low heat for 15-20 mins with lid on

cashew nuts - 1/4-1/3 cup
nutritional yeast - 1-2 tbs

- whizz in processor (doesn't need to be cleaned from 1st use)
- add to pan off heat + mix well

strong white flour - 1 cup
warm water/ 'milk' - enough to form soft dough

- mix liquid into flour a little at a time until soft (not sticky) dough
- knead on floured surface
- form pasta sheets with machine as per instructions, or roll very flat (a little at a time)
- hang pasta to dry for 10 mins
- cut into circles, use off cuts to make more sheets, and then more circles, the very end off cuts can make a pasta salad or something later

- spoon a SMALL amount of the mushroom mixture into the centre of a circle, brush the edge of the circle with a spot of your left over liquid, fold in half and crimp the edges (fix to each other)
- repeat until you get bored or run out of circles or mushroom stuff (I ran out of circles)

tinned (canned?) tomatoes - 1 tin
green olives - 3-4 tbs (mine were pimento stuffed)
garlic - if you want
stock powder - 1 dsp (I use Marigold)
cumin - to taste
black pepper - to taste
sliced jalapeno peppers - to taste (I used 2 slices, more would have been better)
maple syrup - 1 dsp

- whizz in processor (still not cleaned) to a puree, and mix into pan with any remaining mushroom stuff
- heat up whilst:

- boil lots of water in a big pan with a little salt, and olive oil
- add ravioli with a slotted spoon to water at rolling (strong) boil
- remove ravioli a few minutes later - fresh pasta does not take long

- mix pasta and sauce and eat

This served 3-4 as a main meal, and would be great with a nice crisp salad, if served with bread could easily serve 5 or 6.

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