Deceptacon (profwidow) wrote in vegancooking,


I used this one with some small alterations. I didn't know what butter powder was so I just guestimated an amount of butter (earth balance). I'd say I used about 3 tablespoons. I also love garlic alot so I added about 2 large cloves of smashed and finely chopped garlic. Scallions (green onions) also made a nice addition (I used about 5 or 6 but I really love scallions).

Corn starch if you have it mixed with a little water and then dumped into the mix while heating it up is a good thickener and I think it cinced the authenticness.

I blended everything together except the broth first and then put it in a sauce pan and heated it on low and stirred for awhile and seasoned to taste :)

It was delicious and my boyfriend who thinks I'm nuts now knows that tofu can be good.
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