Rukan (talihli) wrote in vegancooking,

veg. cultural crisis...

Hi all, my name is Rukan and I am a Turkish immigrant who moved to the U.S. a few months ago with my Greek husband-to-be. (I do not know the English word for this, in Turkish it is nishanlih). We are both vegans. (It is so much easier to be vegan here than at home!) Because we met in Turkey, I have never met his parents but they are coming to stay with us for a few weeks soon and although they are nice to me I know they disapprove of their son marrying a Turkish I want to be very welcoming and make lots of Greek food, but I also want it to be vegan so he and I can share. =)

I looked in the memories section and am planning to make several of the recipes listed there--dolmas, lentil soup, spanakopita and all that good things, but does anyone have any other recipes that are very Greek? And I know it is hard, but has anyone ever successfully veganized, or come close to a vegan version of tzatzki sauce? (my spelling is bad, I apologize, but it is the yogurt sauce that Greeks eat so much of.)

Thank you so much, and I am sorry if the English is bad!
Tags: ethnic food-greek, ethnic food-middle eastern-falafel
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