you know i'm not a saint (tookhernowhere) wrote in vegancooking,
you know i'm not a saint

Soyrizo and "eggs"

I've just tried Soyrizo, and it is awesome. I tried to mimic chorizo and scrambled eggs, a favorite from my omnivorous days.

  • One package of Soyrizo
  • One tub of silken tofu, cut into pieces about an inch square
  • A scoop of nutritional yeast (I think the scoop holds two or three tablespoons)
  • A generous sprinkling of tumeric

Scramble all of the above on medium-high heat until the Soyrizo is sufficiently browned/crisped for your taste. Oil or non-stick spray will probably not be necessary, as the Soyrizo is a bit greasy, though not nearly so much as chorizo. The tofu should end up in pretty small bits, and the whole concoction should reduce somewhat because of evaporating moisture.

I had frozen the Soyrizo previously, and thawed it again a few days ago. This might or might not have affected the texture. Any effect the freezing had was a good one, since my omnivorous taste-tester remarked favorably on the texture, and I agree with her. My taste tester also thought the flavor was just right, and that it was in general an excellent imitation of chorizo and eggs.
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