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Sammys Best Baked Tofu Spring Rolls (Vegan Eggrolls)

Sammys Best Baked Tofu Spring Rolls (Vegan Eggrolls)

Ingrediants Needed:

Boiled Ingrediants:

Half Head Cabbage

2 Large Organic Carrots (I use organic carrots because others taste like pest spray)

1/2 Cup fresh broccoli

1/2 Purple onion

Spices (Pinch of each: black pepper, red pepper, ginger, garlic,onion,sea salt)

Stir Fry Ingrediants:
1 Block Tofu ( Fozen then thawed)

1/2 Purple Onion

2 Tsp turbinado sugar

3 Squirts Braggs liquid aminos

Sea salt

Spices (Same as above)

1/2 c mandrian orange juice ( I used mandrian oranges in the small can, use the juice and save the oranges for the dipping sauce) Or Use 1/2 Cup Fresh Tangerine or  Orange Juice

Spring Roll Ingrediants:

3 cup all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon sea salt

2 1/2  cup water

Olive Oil for Pan

Cornstarch and water mixture

STEP ONE Prep and Boil:

Chop whole Onion Chunky

 ( 1/2 onion for boiled and half for Stir-Fry)

Chop 1/2 cabbage  chunky 

Chop  Tofu into small squares

Chop Carrots into chunky slices, if using large carrots cut them half again

Chop Broccoli into small tidbits.

Boil Boiled Ingrediants with spices  20-30 min untill tender

STEP TWO Stir Fry and Dry:

Stir Fry, Stir Fry Ingrediants and spices, except for the Mandrian juice for about 10 minutes , add juice and continue to stir fry untill juice is absorbed into tofu and tofu is light brown and dry. Use spatula to chop Tofo into smaller pieces.

Take Boiled Ingrediants: Drain very well in coliander

mix together with tofu mixture

Place in Refrigerator until cold (1 hour or more)(or overnight)

STEP THREE  Cook & Stack:

Make Spring Roll Wrappers

Mix ingrediants in bowl and set aside for 30 min.

Mixture should be thick batter. Where it slides off wooden spoon but not too thick.

Heat Frying pan to Medium or middle notch 6 , on stove top with 1/2 TeaSP Oil ( I use a nonstick pan and this all the oil I use on the first wrap and none after this)

1/4 C of batter on Pan and spread around with spatula untill thin and pan is covered. )


This batter makes about 12- 14 Wraps.

Stack wraps on cloth napkin until done cooking the rest of them.


STEP FOUR Wrap & Bake:

Place one Wrap on plate

Add 2 TBS of Vegi Mix on wrap

 Bend Sides on Top


Pull Bottom over top


Use fingers and apply conrnstarch mixture over edge and roll over and close. Place seam side down onto large plate or cooking dish.

Some will split open and that is okay, they will bake fine and taste just as delicious.

Place all Spring Rolls into large baking dish , pour small amount of oil onto palms and rub the tops of all rolls and bake at 450 for 30 min.


This is what they look like done!


Enjoy with orange dipping sauce or duck sauce.

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