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Vietnamese Summer Rolls

I got an extreme craving for summer rolls the other week and decided to make a vegan version. I used the pictures from this recipe to know how to roll the rice paper and cook the noodles, but I only used noodles, cucumber, sprouts, carrots, and lettuce to fill the rolls. No shrimp or ginger (I put the latter in the sauce instead).

For the peanut sauce:

1 Cup of peanut butter
1 Cup of hot water

Whisk together in a pan over low heat.

Then add
1/4 Cup of soy sauce
1/4 Cup of molasses (regular, not blackstrap)
1/2 Cup of white vinegar
1 Tsp of cayenne pepper
1/2 Tsp of ground ginger (adds a bit of a kick - cut back if don't want it as spicy)
2-4 TBS of sugar (depending on what you like, just taste as you go)

Stir it all together then put it in a bowl/dish and get it cold in the fridge before serving. It makes a lot of sauce so feel free to cut the recipe in half. Enjoy :)
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