x (quatre_vingts) wrote in vegancooking,

Well, I posted a while ago about veganizing traditional Italian treats, and I thought I'd have to completely abandon one of my absolute favorites, the torrone. This is a piece of all-natural, somewhat firm nougat candy made of egg whites, sugar, and honey that contains almonds and is topped with a thin layer of rice wafer, and usually lightly flavored with orange, vanilla, or lemon.

However, I got curious and did a search for 'vegan nougat recipes' and found the ever-popular Vegan Mars Bar recipe. Has anyone ever made or tried a vegan nougat similar to this? How does it turn out? And what's a good honey substitute? I never did like plain honey to begin with, so I have no idea what else tastes like it, but I suspect it will alter the flavor of the nougat to not use something similar and vegan-friendly.

(Also: I found this, which is from a vegan site but written entirely in Italian, and mine is horribly rusty. Can anyone help?)
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