cranial_biopsy (cranial_biopsy) wrote in vegancooking,

*baked* macaroni and cheese...?

hey everyone!

i'm kim, 19, college student; i've been vegan for about a year and a half.

ok, i have absolutely no experience cooking with vegan cheese, but i'm determined to figure out a way to make some yummy baked mac and cheese. i looked through the recipe lists, and while there are quite a few recipes for regular mac and cheese, i didn't see anything about baking it. would i just follow any of those recipes and go ahead and throw it in the oven like you would non-vegan mac and cheese? like i said, i have no experience whatsoever cooking with soy cheese, so i don't know how it works in the oven, etc. i also have no idea about what i should do with nutritional yeast, but i see it mentioned so many times when people ask about cheeses, cheese sauces, mac and cheese, and so forth.

please let me know if you have any ideas, recipes, or links that could help me out! thanks ;o)
Tags: side dishes-macaroni&cheese
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