eno on ma i (far_too_frale) wrote in vegancooking,
eno on ma i

I need recipe help!!

How do I substitute egg yolk? I usually use apple sauce, mashed tofu, or that "egg replacer" powder...depending on what I'm trying to make. That's for a whole egg, what about yolks only?

I have a recipe that calls for 35 Kraft caramels, melted. I found a recipe for caramels that I think I can make with vegan ingredients, but I'm not sure about the volume of "35 Kraft caramels"...I was thinking about 1/2 tablespoon each...does that sound right? Are they more like 1 tablespoon each? I want to try to guess if the caramel recipe I have will make enough, or if I should make a double batch.


ps, if my goodies come out nicely, I'll post my recipe for you :)
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