i want to build her up as tall as a church (sophiealbarn) wrote in vegancooking,
i want to build her up as tall as a church

i <3 holiday baking

well, i am finally home from school, and that is great because i can now bake up a storm! i have my nice big kitchen with all of its wonderful tools and utensils.
so far, i have made How It All Vegan's Carrot Cake and Spinach Lasagna. both were delicious, and loved by all (especially the nonvegans, hehe).
Last night i made Ginger Shortbread Cookies from Cookling Light for a friend of mine that i made vegan just by using soy margarine. And today i made another friend some TERRIFIC brownies that i got from a recipe in the archives.

Later tonight i plan on making that super simple Fruit Cake!
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