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Vegan Mac & Cheese - your best recipe

I've looked through the memories for veg mac and cheese but from what I could tell each one got mixed reviews.

So if anyone has an absolutely great recipe that they've tried and it's the most amazing vegan mac and cheese ever, please please post it. I even bought nutritional yeast for the first time so I could make some "cheesy" recipes :)

If you have any other pasta recipes or nutritional yeast recipes feel free to post them too. I'm needing a good dish for myself on christmas since I'm the only vegan in the house :)



Thanks for the recipes guys. I ended up finding one in the index for Vegan Cheeseburger Macaroni goodness and have just tried it. I halved the recipe (I've learned the hard way that I should halve new recipes in case it's so bad I have to throw it out), left out the burger crumbles and added some breadcrumbs on top.

Not the greatest pictures but it turned out pretty darn good! (made some broccoli and was craving some garlic bread too :)
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