scooby snacks. (mookitten) wrote in vegancooking,
scooby snacks.

First ever food porn post

Hi there =)

Every year I cook a vegan feast for my small immediate family of 5. This year we did it today (Christmas eve) as I'm rostered on to work on Christmas morning. (booooo)

Anyway. Before it got demolished, I managed to take some pictures with my dad's digicam!

I was a bit rushed this year, so the presentation wasn't as good as previous years. :(

The stuffed mushrooms were amazing!

I know the muffins aren't 'pretty' but they were very yummy.. and they're better-looking in real life!

If anyone's interested in the recipes, comment and I'll type them up. I can't be bothered if noone wants 'em!

Happy holidays everyone!
Tags: breakfast foods-muffins, holiday food-christmas, main dishes-meat loaves, main dishes-various stuffed things, main dishes-vegetable loaves
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